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Dales Pony Dales Pony - NORTHERN ENGLAND
Closely related to the Fell, the larger Dales has been used as a pack pony, on the farm for shepherding and hunting, and as light draft in WWI & II. Possessing outstanding stamina at the trot, and their extreme strength and agility make Dales masters of versatility earning them the title "Great All 'Rounder".
Dartmoor Pony Dartmoor Pony - Dartmoor, ENGLAND
A quality Dartmoor should give one the impression of elegance and strength, with a pretty pony head and a flowing mane and tail. Movement should never be excessive, but rather free flowing, low and honest, and always sure-of-foot. Small in stature and long known as an outstanding child's pony, Dartmoors are fun in harness for adults too.
Exmoor Pony Exmoor Pony - Exmoor, ENGLAND
Small, hardy ponies designed by Mother Nature for survival, but well suited for riding or driving. Their uniformity of color and type attests to their ancient, pure ancestry. Exmoors are clever and sensible, giving trust and obedience when shown leadership and respect. Considered the oldest and purest of the Native Pony breeds, they are also one of the most endangered.
Fell Pony Fell Pony - NORTHERN ENGLAND
The Fell Pony is a large native pony from the hills of Cumbria in northern England. Known for its hardiness, surefootedness and strong constitution, Fells are the closest relative of the extinct Scottish Galloway. Kind enough for experienced youth, strong enough to carry a man, excellent driving pony, it is said, "You cannot put a Fell to the wrong job!"
Gotland Pony Gotland - Russ - Gotland, SWEDEN
Primitive looking and pony size, Gotlands come from the Swedish Baltic Isles, possibly descended from the Tarpan. Once popular for work in coal mine, they are versatile, hardy, long-lived. Willing jumpers, superb in harness, agile, strong, and gentle, Gotlands are a superb child's pony. Often called, "the best little pony on the planet!"
Highland Pony Highland Pony - SCOTLAND
The heaviest of British Native ponies, Highlands are stout with strong, short legs. Their weight carrying ability historically made them a good draft, transport and pack pony. Strong and docile, they have an inbred savvy on hill slopes. Many still work as deer-stalking ponies on sporting estates.
Kerry Bog Pony Kerry Bog Pony - IRELAND
A small stylish draft pony, Kerrys have only recently having gained recognition as a breed, but are long in history as a servant in Ireland. From County Kerry, Ireland they are sensible, possess great courage and endurance, train easily for harness and are an excellent children's riding pony.
Newfoundland Pony Newfoundland Pony - Newfoundland, CANADA
Hailing from the founding of the Canadian coast, the Newfoundland is a medium to large pony with a genetic package of 19th Century Mountain & Moorland ponies and extinct Scottish Galloway without the 19th & 20th Century 'improvements'. Fast learners with an intense desire to please, they excel in any discipline and are one of the few pony breeds developed in NA.