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Akhal-Teke Akhal-Teke - TURKMENISTAN
Research suggests they predate the Arabian and influenced the Thoroughbred. The Teke reigned as a war horse supreme in ancient times. Tekes have brilliant metallic colors and lithe athletic builds; movement is extremely fluid, elastic, and forward moving. Akhal-Tekes are known for speed, endurance, dressage and jumping. Ave 15.2 hh, 900-1000 pounds.
Appalachian Purebred Gaited Horse Appalachian Purebred Gaited Horse - Kentucky, USA
Formerly known as Mountain Pleasure Horses, this 200 year old breed is indigenous to KY's Appalachian Mnts with roots based in European & Spanish gaited stock. The APGH can trace its beginnings to early KY statehood and contributed to the development of the American Saddlebred, TN Walking Horse, & Rocky Mtn. Horse. Naturally gaited, the "Cadillac of Rides" is a family horse, pleasure & superb trail mount.
Caspian Horse Caspian - IRAN (Persia)
Thought extinct until 1965, Caspians trace to ancient Persia and predate the Arabian. Small, elegant hot-blooded horses, they average 11 to 12.2 hh. One Breed Standard with Three distinct types: Desert, Hunter, and Steppe. Highly intelligent, free flowing movement, spectacular shoulder action & agility. Phenomenal jumpers and athletes. Excellent driving horse or child's mount, can carry 120 pounds.
Canadian Horse Canadian Horse - CANADA
A major player in the development of America, the Canadian was decimated during Civil War nearly to extinctions. The horse American forgot traces it's ancestry to 17th C. Canada and the French Royal Stables of Brittany and Normandy. Incredibly athletic & kind with abundant muscling, bone, and heavy mane and tail. National horse of Canada. 14-16 hh.
Cleveland Bay Cleveland Bay - ENGLAND
Developed first as a packhorse, later as a coach and heavy hunter, the Cleveland Bay was bred for strength, soundness, and long distance. A warmblood free of TB blood for nearly 200 years, they make an outstand outcross, causing near extinction. Always bay, 16-17 hh, 1200-1550 #s. Calm, dignified, graceful & tractable. Britain's oldest indigenous horse.
Irish Draught Irish Draught - IRELAND
The Irish Draught Horse is an active, short-shinned, powerful horse with substance and quality. It is proud of bearing, deep of girth and strong of back and quarters. Standing over a lot of ground, it has an exceptionally strong and sound constitution. It has an intelligent and gentle nature and is noted for its docility & common sense and its long history as a hunter and jumper.
Lippitt Morgan Lippitt Morgan - New England, USA
A foundation strain of the purest traditional Morgan type, Lippitts represent over 200 years of careful linebreeding to retain the bloodlines & type of Justin Morgan's horse. Ranging from 14.1 to 15.1 hh, with wide pretty heads, well crested necks, and compact builds, Lippitts exude power, grace, and versatile agility. Native to America and likely related to the older Canadian Horse.