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American Mammoth Jackstock American Mammoth Jackstock - USA
Developed in the American Colonies by breeders including George Washington, this breed was a blending of Andalusia, Majorcan, and Catalonian (all Spanish), Maltese (Mediterranean), and Poitou (French) jackstock. Their original purpose was for breeding mules, the tractors of the day. American Mammoths come in a variety of colors, however their standard over time became determined by height rather than type and bloodlines.
Poitou Ass Poitou Ass - FRANCE
Research suggests original stock likely from Spain; the Poitou of the last two centuries is decidedly French, noted for heavy bone, long black or dark brown " bai-brun" dreadlocks, and distinctive heavy profiles. Poitou were used primarily to produce some of the world's finest draft mules. There are less than 200 Poitous in the world and only a handful of authenticated individuals in the USA.